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Leanne’s teaching of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is lucid and profound. Though a slim text, the philosophy it presents is complex and complete. Leanne’s deep knowledge of this work, along with her ability to explain concepts that can be otherwise difficult to grasp is a gift. She’s a fantastic teacher,
I highly recommend! ~as reviewed on LinkedIn

This was extremely accessible.
Leanne’s knowledge of the intersection between Patanjali and Western psychology made this text much easier to understand. ~Yoga Teacher Trainee 2014

Leanne is an excellent source for discussion and interpretation of the sūtras and how we can apply them to modern day lifetimes.
Her passion and energy are contagious and awaken the student to the application of the sūtras along the yogic path. ~Ashly Fox 2014

Thank you for your ability to translate a seemingly daunting text into a pleasurable and enlightening experience.
Being able to understand the philosophy of the text has drastically effected my thought processes and challenged my embedded belief system.
I appreciate the contrast between Eastern philosophy and Western ideas on wisdom/intelligence/consciousness. Thank you for your infectious and inspiring energy. You have helped me cultivate and embrace my power within myself by teaching me to tap into my center channel. ~Jasmine Castro 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and assistance in interpreting the sūtras.
It is clear that this is not something that we as yoga teachers can learn in a few hours and be done. The study of the sūtras will be a lifelong study, but your ability to awaken that awareness and bring interest to the subject matter is most helpful. Your passion and energy are contagious!
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity for you to share your wisdom with me. ~Yoga Teacher Trainee 2014

I felt the information/material was very challenging but accessible. I do not have a background in philosophy and only took one course in undergrad (the philosophy of religion) which I barely got a C in and to this day I cannot share, or remember, what I learned. I felt that the material you presented, and the manner in which you presented it, was very important and relevant. Thank you for sharing your passion. ~Yoga Teacher Trainee 2015

I am so grateful for the enthusiasm and passion that you brought to our discussions!
You created a safe environment for us to study and discuss Patañjali’s Sūtras.
For me, the Sūtras are completely new and the first time I’ve read through them.
I appreciated the moments in which you took pause to key sūtras and how they relate to each of us, thereby giving application.
Thank you so much! ~Yoga Teacher Trainee 2016

The complexity of the subject that you covered can be a daunting task. I feel that you approached it in an extremely open way.
I feel that you were able to bring up important sūtras and cover the text. I felt that it was important that you kept assuring us that you have been studying this for years and that the depths would come in layers. ~Ryan McNaughton

This was an amazing and eye-opening approach to unpacking these Yoga Sūtras. Truly, a lifelong exploration, these sūtras have opened a whole new way of approaching life. Thank you for your passion, your patience in listening to our input, and your explanation of difficult concepts. You make this content real, practical and understandable. I hope to continue to grasp it and apply it to my own life. You have truly made it accessible. ~Yoga Teacher Trainee 2017

I so appreciate your depth of research and your depth of heart. My own learning was especially illuminated by your no bullshit teaching. ~Lisa Barman 2018

My brain clings to the Western way of acquiring knowledge and this was an earth shattering approach to the study of the sūtras. ~Yoga Teacher Trainee 2018

I hope to see you in one of the upcoming study groups!

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