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Yoga Psychology Online Gathering


Yoga is a logically consistent and highly potent healing modality for our time with universal applicability. Its sweep of the globe over the last two decades, primarily in the form of asana, has only begun to scratch the surface of the benefits it can offer. 

Yoga invites us to go deep within, past any falsities, fear and confusion and to take courageous action towards resting upon our True Nature, unfolding the nurturing force within, embracing love, and creatively solving whatever challenges lie before us.

Over the coming weeks, I will bring my knowledge of Western psychology and consciousness studies to facilitate a communal dialogue on Yoga psychology and the ways in which we can apply it  during this time of immense change. 

Each session we will begin with meditation, read portions of Yogic and Upanishadic texts, explore the major points of the underlying theory and vision, and discuss this enduring psychology’s applicability to our current world. We will close our gathering with song.

These gatherings are geared to anyone with a small to moderate amount of experience with Patañjali’s Classical Yoga (1 – 7 years) or serious beginners.

Here are a few of the topics we will dive into: 

☼ How do we discern between truth, falsities and imagination and why is that discernment pivotal right now?

☼ How do we transform the perception of difference/dissonance into the perception of harmony? In other words, if there is synchrony and coherence in our heart/brain and in the collective mind, as Patañjali suggests, how does tapping into that synchrony and coherence apply to both transcendence of any inhibitory limitations and the immanence of our shared evolution?

☼ How can we engage our inner and outer world in new and more effective ways?

☼ What choices can we make, what perceptions can be had, that allow us to wake up the nurturing force within—so we come together as one heart and transmute the old stories of duality and separation for good?

☼ Techniques to master our emotions, in order to move through the coming days with clarity and equanimity.

Pdfs of the Yoga Sūtras, Katha Upaniṣad and Bhagavad Gita will be provided.  

Join in with pure heart and wisdom exchange or share a donation if you like—$20 suggested. 

We will meet together on Zoom, please sign up/book online below to receive the link. 

If you are looking to deepen your understanding of yoga and increase the ways you can integrate Yoga psychology into your life during one of the most confounding and complex times, come join me and some of your fellow yogis as we explore the ancient wisdom of Patañjali’s Classical Yoga philosophy—and why it is so relevant today. 

I hope to see you there! 

Dates and Sign Up

Weekly online gatherings, Mondays at 5pm PST. 

Monday May 25th is a holiday in the US—enjoy your day. See you next week!

June 1st: Opening Meditation, Contemplation on sūtras 2.30 and 2.38—walking in awareness of the highest reality/sexual restraint (brahmacharya), Closing Meditation and the Gayatri Mantra.

This is an open gathering. Anyone can join in at any time. Please sign up below to receive the Zoom link. 

Recordings will be available.

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Join our Yoga Psychology Online Gathering with pure heart and wisdom exchange or donate if you like. 

$20 suggested. Mondays at 5pm PST.

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Jung and Patañjali in Dialogue LIVE Online

Class Details

In this five-week series, we will study a general overview of Jungian psychology and the Classical Yoga psychology of Patañjali, where these psychologies and their underlying philosophies converge and diverge, and why these psychologies remain relevant for our time.

The classes are geared to newcomers and anyone with a small to moderate amount of experience with either Jungian psychology and/or Classical Yoga. Students of psychology, yoga teachers, anyone interested in personal or spiritual growth, this course is for you!

Learn about the Jungian and Patañjalian notions of ego, mind/psyche, complexes/samskaras, archetypes, the religious function of the psyche, the healing process of transformation, and more.

Discover how both Jungian and Yoga psychology apply to some of the most challenging mental health problems of our time including anxiety, stress, suicidal ideation, addiction, and ecocide.

Study the role of emotion and affect (including research from affective neuroscience).

Learn what Jung and Patañjali thought about synchronicity, psychic phenomena, and the mind/body unity. And why these notions are particularly relevant in our contemporary world.

Explore where Jung met his limits in relation to Eastern liberatory thought and in relation to his cultural complexes.

Learn transformational practices that you can apply to your daily life to increase your awareness and align yourself mentally, emotional, physically and spiritually. 

Classes will be two hours in length for five-consecutive weeks and will be hosted LIVE on Zoom.

If you are unable to attend in person, all PDFs and audio files will be sent to you. Everyone will have lifetime access to the material.  

100+ page pdfs of the class material will be provided on a weekly basis. A pdf of the Yoga Sūtras will be provided at registration.

Classes are donation-based with a suggested exchange of $25 per class or $125 for all five classes. Pay what you can. 

Depth psychology and Yoga psychology are potent healing modalities for our time. I hope to see you in a group!

Class Dates and Sign Up

Class Dates:

2020 dates coming soon. 

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